Students for Sustainable Campus planning for future once again

Ball State recently received a C- on the Sustainable Endowments Institute's Green Report Card, and a group of students wants to improve the grade and bring awareness to the importance of a green campus.

After surviving on campus with a mere seven members last semester, Students for a Sustainable Campus is doing big things this semester, said Vivian Bogue, the group's president.

Once members were recruited, the group established an executive board with 10 dedicated students, including SSC secretary Meagan Tuttle.

"Our purpose is to help other students build awareness about sustainability and bring opportunities to those students," Tuttle said. "The university and administration do great things for sustainability, but there is not a lot of work to get students involved. We are working on educating people and hopefully we can get more involvement."

The opportunities are exactly what brought Ryan Sagar to SSC.

"I'm in the process deciding what I want to do with my career, and I intrigued by sustainability such as growth management and urban revitalization," he said.

Sagar is on a committee organizing SSC's new project, Focus the Nation.

The Focus the Nation Energy Summit is a conference organized by SSC to bring together local politicians, business leaders and students to learn and promote awareness about sustainable living and green technologies, Sagar said.

Focus the Nation is scheduled for Feb. 24 at the L.A. Pittenger Student Center. Ball State is among 25 other universities in the nation holding the conference, Bogue said.

SSC works closely with the Ball State Energy Action Team and has plans for a campus recycling challenge.

Since Bogue was a teenager, she has wanted to change the world. Along with SSC, she plans to do just that through Focus the Nation.

"The most challenging part of the process is advocating to others, but we can bring awareness and change to make people realize what is important for the environment," Bogue said.

She said SSC is starting fresh, and with the upcoming conferences, the group hopes to make its mark on campus.

"We want to be noticed to bringing something to campus where people can directly ask questions to our policy makers and professionals," she said. "It will start at a grassroots level, and if we are working together today we can set an example for the future."

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