New gloves allow texters to keep fingers warm this winter

Touch-screen users no longer need to make the choice between keeping their hands warm or using their touch-screen device.

The recently released Agloves are gloves made especially for using a touch-screen device without having to uncover your hands.

Greg Raley-Barrett, graduate assistant for Digital Corps, said Agloves could change winter texting.

"If you look at the bus stop at any time during the day, 80 percent of the students are sitting there touch screening," he said. "In the winter time, they are shivering, but they aren't going to give up their phone just for warmth."

In the past, people have used gloves with removable tips to allow them to still be able to use touch screens during cold winter months.

Agloves are made with silver-coated nylon, which conducts the small amount of electricity needed to use a touch screen.

The gloves have been tested to see how much cold they can stand. Agloves were still fully functional after 25 minutes in negative 10 degree weather, according to the Agloves' website.

While the new gloves are not easy to find in stores, they can be bought online for $17.99 from various shopping outlets.

Senior photojournalism major and employee at the Computer Store Liz McDonald said she doesn't think Agloves would ever take off at the on-campus store.

"No one has come in and asked for anything like this before," McDonald said. "I could see them [selling well] maybe in other places. I just don't think on campus it would sell very well."

Amy Leahy, assistant professor of family and consumer science, said given functionality and fashion, Agloves might make their way into student's wardrobes this winter.

"Generally speaking, the more likely a fashion product is to be accepted is one that fits into the consumer's lifestyle," Leahy said. "[Charcoal gray] is a neutral color that will be acceptable to the majority of consumers."

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Q: Do you think students would use Agloves?

Patrick Hagedorn, freshman telecommunications major

"A lot of college students have touch-screen phones. It gets cold in Muncie, [so] you're going to need gloves."

Diana Neff, sophomore English education major

"It is kind of complicated when you're trying to use your iPod and you have to take your gloves off. It is a little bit of an annoyance."

Desire Grose, junior dietetics major

"My boyfriend just got an upgrade on his phone, but he didn't want to get a touch screen because of regular gloves."

Nathan Hueber, freshman social studies education major

"Do I honestly think they'll catch on? No. People have got on for so long without them."


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