Senators introduced first two pieces of legislation

Student Government Association introduced two pieces of legislation at Wednesday's meeting, marking the first time legislation has hit the senate floor since Team Tolu began its term this year.

Vice president Megan Pickens said discussion and voting on the bills will most likely take place next week.

Of the legislation introduced, one bill suggests the addition of a sub-caucus for freshman senators. If passed, this bill will amend the SGA constitution.

Because freshmen are the only group in SGA that represent a specific class, legislators argue that they should meet with other freshmen senators. Such a meeting would allow them to concentrate on issues exclusive to freshmen students.

The other piece of legislation introduced was a recommendation for improving academic advising.

The academic advising bill suggests that each department create an official advising policy. The legislation specifies guidelines for the policy, including the requirement of academic advisers to post specific advising office hours and initiate semesterly e-mail correspondence, among other regulations.

Senators said the legislation is in response to personal experience with their advisers and general student feedback.

"I have called the office to schedule appointments and sometimes there is no secretary," Sen. Eric Lutton said. "Advisers do not answer phone calls or e-mails."

Student feedback came from a survey of 100 upperclassmen students.

According to the legislation, 47 percent of upperclassmen polled have not been contacted by their adviser within the past year. Of students polled, 33 percent have been unsuccessful in setting an appointment with their adviser and 24 percent have had no contact with their adviser.

"The survey gave me more insight," said Academic Affairs committee chairwoman Donna Dodson. "It also gave specifics for what students want."

Senators said they also looked at the advising methods of different departments.

"We got ideas from departments that advised well and other departments that did not," Lutton said.

Dodson said she hopes departments will take a closer look at their own advising methods.

Other committees announced possible legislation. The Student Safety committee is drafting legislation to suggest an increase in lighting along the Cow Path. The committee is also working on extending shuttle bus service to the overflow parking lot.

The Governmental Affairs committee is still looking at legislation for the work@bsu Web site. The legislation was killed in committee earlier in the semester.

"We are still discussing the legislation and we are looking to revise it," Sen. Justin Hinga said.NN>#+â-*F SGA 10/30 DNEditorial#+â*F SGA 10/30 DNEditorialNN>SORTj+â-ä>AUDT



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