Epitome of Style

Liquid, a contemporary beauty salon located on Jackson Street, maintains a zero-discrimination policy that ensures a diversity training session free of charge with each appointment.

"We cater to all walks of life," said Eric Booher, one of Liquid's stylists. "Some of my clients are millionaires, while others live in trailers. This is definitely not a vindictive place."

Booher, tall, fit and tan, is a 29-year-old Muncie native and Yorktown High School graduate. He said he's been on the local salon scene for 20 years because his mother owned a beauty shop in Muncie.

Honing his stylist skill, he completed a 1,500-hour program at Amber's Cosmetology School before a five-year stint at Shapers Salon in Muncie. Today, though, his silky-blond hair strategically strewn, he looks more like a walking Diesel Jeans advertisement trimly torn from a fashionable, West Coast magazine than a Middletown man.

He said that since its inception two years ago, Liquid has consistently offered Muncie's classiest come-as-you-are, leave-happy approach. Booher explained that in the beauty salon industry, you always get what you pay for, and a guaranteed-great haircut is an infallible investment.

"People pay for an expensive outfit they'll wear only a few times, but your hair is something you wear every day of your life and the right cut costs so much less than that $200 pair of pants."

"Part of getting the right cut is being entertained. Every day I get to dress up and put on my own show," Booher said, "I love my job. Keeping up with what's hot and current is part of it. I know I'm good at what I do."

He said several committed clients travel more than 300 miles every few weeks for a cut and color, and other clients have become his close friends and even occasionally set him up on blind dates.

Because the company accommodates employees' individual booths, as many as 15 stylists operate independently at the salon. "At times, it can be hard to have this diverse a group under one roof, but we've all managed to somehow do it harmoniously."


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