Party people create fun atmosphere

Nakedness, middle-aged men among favorites at local house parties.

After the music has been picked, the beverages have been chosen and the house has been prepared, the party is only missing one thing - people.

Students said the key to a fun and interesting party is having a interesting mix of people.

"I like diversity," freshman Nicole Wilson said."I would have drinkers and non drinkers at my party."

"People who are outgoing and friendly are good to have at a party," freshman Shawn Staton said.

Parties can be a great place to meet a variety of people, but for some, familiar faces make a good time.

Sophomore Adam Crag and his friends have frequently seen a man they call Terry. Crag said Terry is a middle-aged man who shows up at college parties.

"When he walks in, everyone chants 'Terry time,'" Crag said. "I think he ended up sleeping in some girls' basement once."

Crag and his friend, Belk, said people like Terry are an odd but interesting addition to the average house party.

"It's just weird to see this 45-year-old guy partying with college students," Belk said.

Other interesting party events include displays of nudity, violence and other dangerous acts. A group of students said they have seen one man get on the roof of a building in the village and walk around. Others have seen a considerable amount of stripping and streaking.

Staton is one of those students.

"I saw this girl just get naked at a party once," Staton said. "She had nothing on below the waist."

Staton said he advises against this type of activity.

"Nakedness is sometimes awesome, but it teases me because I don't want to cheat on my girlfriend," Staton said.

If shedding their clothes is not on the party-goers' agenda, they also may begin fighting.

"I saw these two girls deck each other at a party," Staton said. "I don't like people that start (trouble)."

Student suggest there are better and worse ways than violence and nudity to attract the attention of other party attendees.

Most female students said male initiative is based too much on physical contact.

"This one guy slapped me on the (behind)," sophomore Jennifer Prado. Prado said she would advise against this method to attract the opposite sex.

Other females told of comments men should avoid making.

"Some guy told me I had nice breasts once," freshman Katie Mokrycki said. Her friend freshman Dru Wagner said the same male made a similar comment to her, but she had heard more deterring comments.

"I don't like when guys tell me they know me from somewhere and I've never seen them before in my life," Wagner said.

Male students had a different perspective about females initiating social contact.

"It's hard to get annoyed by a girl," sophomore John Price said. "I'm annoyed by more guys at parties."

Male students said this does not mean a female is exempt from pestering a male. Men reported annoying female habits such as being too loud, acting drunk, acting too forward or simply talking. These quirks do not keep men from searching for possible romantic or friendly relationship at parties.

"I'm usually looking at people who seem familiar or that I have seen around campus," Crag said.

Belk said an effective way to get a man's attention is to be natural and make eye contact.


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