Rando, Wonder Boy feature music, comedy on WCRD

Mullets and '80s tunes among subjects discussed on show recently.

Every Monday at midnight "The Amazing Rando" and "Wonder Boy" take over the radio booth in Ball Communication Building for the campus radio station 91.3 WCRD-FM.

"People should give college radio a try," said Josh Brammer, whose radio persona is "The Amazing Rando."

Brammer is a junior telecommunications major with a focus on video production. His partner, "Wonder Boy," is sophomore Joe Moody.

The duo host "Totally Random," a primarily comedic radio show that includes talk and music.

The topic for the March 18 show was of Brammer's adventures during Spring Break. Part of his week off from classes was spent capturing the mullet on video tape.

"We got 33 mullets in two days on tape, but there were many more," Brammer said during Monday's show. "It was like mullet families."

Brammer was urged by a friend who worked at WCRD to obtain his own show, and Brammer secured the time slot.

He then found his partner.

"Josh and I had a class together, and we had similar interest and the same sense of humor," said Moody.

The two didn't know each other well before the show but have since combined their efforts and talents and are now in their third semester of the show.

"The show is an entertainment variety show - not just talk, not all music," Brammer said. "The first show we did was dedicated to mullets."

The March 18 edition of "Totally Random" was dedicated to their "Phone Diva," Chris Newgent, who had to leave the show because of an 8 a.m. class Tuesday morning. As they said their final goodbyes complete with hugs and tears, they ended the show with "I Will Always Love You," by Whitney Houston.

Tonight's show will feature a new "Phone Diva."

"I like the show to be random because I can work better, be funnier, be more entertaining if we don't have anything planned," Moody said. "I just let whatever happens happen and just flow with it.

Brammer also enjoys being funny and random, but said he would like to be a little more organized.

"We'll pick a few songs beforehand, but normally just play whatever we're in the mood for," Brammer said. "This is a stretch for me, because it's hard for me to do things on the fly, but that's how Joe likes to do it."

When they played "The Safety Dance," by Men Without Hats, artists of the '80s, Brammer, Moody, and Newgent got up and began dancing in the shape of an 'S.'

"Both Josh and I are able to talk about nothing for long periods of time, and if we're having fun, then it's entertaining to our listener," Moody said.

During their year and a half doing the radio show, both said they have learned a lot about the technology and how to run a radio switch board, as well as having a lot of fun.

"It's definitely been a learning experience, we're learning what works and what doesn't work," Brammer said. "The more we can do, the more prepared we'll be for the industry."

Moody agreed he has learned a lot from his time on "Totally Random," but he sees the show as a time to have fun instead of working for the experience.

Moody is looking to pursue a career in the field of television or video. Brammer, on the other hand, plans to be a youth pastor at a church working with graphic design.

"We take the ordinary things of life and spice it up," Brammer said. "We think that life is pretty funny, and people just don't get it. If they don't get it, they can change the station."


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