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Heartland Film Festival: ‘Howard’ honors the life of a famed Disney songwriter

10/17/2018 12:04pm

 ‘Howard’ is a beautiful, emotional odyssey through the life of a genuine  showman that avoids the typical biographical documentary tropes in  favor of letting his loved ones and the things he left behind tell the  story themselves. It’s funny, it’s sad, and it will forever change the  way you view the man and his works. 

Heartland Film Festival: Indy Shorts Winners 2 review

10/15/2018 9:54pm

The short film is a time-honored genre. Sometimes informative, sometimes thrilling, and sometimes absolutely mind-boggling, the short film is a place where documentarians, animators, and storytellers can experiment and hone their craft on a smaller scale.

‘The House with a Clock in Its Walls’ has a few springs loose, but still functions

10/09/2018 11:04pm

 ‘The House with A Clock in Its Walls’ is a spooktacular Spielberg  throwback marred by some iffy effects and poorly-done punch-up. Jack  Black and Cate Blanchett absolutely steal the show with a surprising  amount of chemistry, the latter adding a necessary sense of heart that  the main narrative tries to pull off (to mixed results). Darker than  your average Autumn family flick, it makes for a perfect matinee and a  potential staple of yearly cable Halloween movie marathons for years to  come. Not as well-wound as it should have been, but even a broken clock  can still get the time right if the conditions are favorable.  

‘Teen Titans Go! To the Movies’: Decent, but not worth seeing nine times

08/22/2018 5:17pm

'Teen Titans Go! To the Movies' is a caped comedy that tries its’  hardest to stand alongside the rest of this summer’s tentpole features,  and to an extent, it succeeds. While it’s still weighed down by the  trappings of its’ source material and tonal issues, it’s great for kids  who are still new to the superhero genre and their parents who long for a  bit more in the entertainment they share with their kids. There’s still  a lot of better choices out there, but you’ll have a good laugh or two  with this one.