Trevor Sheffield

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‘Lego The Incredibles’ is simply below Parr

07/05/2018 4:57pm

 ‘Lego The Incredibles’ is another piece in the colossal set that is the  Lego series of games, and while certain mechanics and a Pixar paint job  do a lot to keep things from going stale, there just isn’t enough there  to be worth a full-priced release. If you’re a fan of ‘The Incredibles’  or have kids who can’t get enough of building bricks and caped  crusaders, then feel free to grab this one. Otherwise, you’re better off  picking up another game in the series with more content and variety  than this one. Overall, it may be fun, but this game’s capes don’t cut  it. 

“Show Dogs” is a new pedigree of lame animal comedy

06/01/2018 3:05pm

Show Dogs is one of the worst examples of condescending family  entertainment this reviewer has seen in a long time. With extremely low  production values and extremely shoddy writing, it is extremely hard to  recommend to anyone who doesn’t feel nostalgic for an age of film making  where movies like this were seen as tent pole films for studios across  the board. However, if you have a sweet tooth for schlock like this  and/or have younger family members who have an affinity for dogs… you’re  still better off watching Air Bud and its cosmic smorgasbord of  sequels. 

‘Rampage’ is more like a cinematic temper tantrum

04/18/2018 4:41pm

If you’re looking for a juicy piece of cinema to hold you over until the  summer movie season starts up, 'Rampage' isn’t for you. However, if  you’re a fan of things like the 'Sharknado' franchise or enjoy watching  bad movies, it’s not a bad pick. It’s cheesy, it’s almost pulpy, and a  perfect entry in the endless series of movies featuring Dwayne “The  Rock” Johnson in a jungle wearing what seems to be the only shirt he  owns. Wait for the home release, though.