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‘The Messenger’ delivers platforming greatness

09/12/2018 12:49pm

 ‘The Messenger’ is an absolutely incredible platformer. It utilizes both  styles of retro platformers, with linear ‘Ninja Gaiden’-esque stages at  first, and then ‘Super Metroid’-esque exploration later in the game.  This, along with tons of different movement tools, creates a fast-paced  and satisfying platforming system. Combine that with an interesting  narrative that justifies the existence of both styles of game in one,  and the game really is a new peak for the genre. ‘The Messenger’ might  even be better than ‘Shovel Knight,’ taking the crown as the  modern-retro platforming king. 

‘Christopher Robin’ has sweet nostalgic nectar, but not much else

08/22/2018 5:10pm

‘Christopher Robin’ is a hard film to judge. It plays on nostalgia so  well and perfectly brings The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh to life  in a more modern setting. There are plenty of funny lines, great  moments, and great characters to make the film a treat for those who  grew up with Winnie the Pooh. But that doesn’t excuse the heavy-handed,  sloppy delivery of a message that’s overdone in family films. It also  doesn’t excuse the actual war flashbacks that happen in a movie with  talking stuffed animals. Plus, if a child was brought to see the film,  they’d be asleep before the movie even got good. It’s a solid watch, but  maybe not the best film for the whole family. 

‘The Spiral Scouts’ is a raunchy puzzle-adventure that earns its badges

07/21/2018 11:41pm

‘The Spiral Scouts’ is a lovely little puzzle-adventure game with a  style of humor that isn’t for everyone. The visuals are pleasing, the  soundtrack is incredible, and the puzzles are fun and satisfying to  solve. In terms of writing, although I thought the humor landed more  often than not, it’s definitely not the kind of humor for everyone. The  price of $10 is an absolute steal for a game of this quality. For those  looking for a game that’s a little bit different from the crowd of  high-brow indie titles, this raunchy package is perfectly sized for your  pleasure. 

‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’ falls short of its legacy

07/13/2018 2:15pm

 “Ant-Man and the Wasp” has some good aspects to it. Most of the comedy  is well done, and Paul Rudd absolutely kills it once again. The action  is also good enough to fit in with the blockbuster season. Yet, with  underwhelming visuals and a pointless narrative, it can’t help but feel  forced. The film really does feel like it was just the next part in a  mechanical series of movies, moving forward without judging how the  previous films would impact this one. It’s an entertaining popcorn flick  for sure, but if there was ever a Marvel movie to skip, it would be  this one.