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New Michael Jackson compilation ‘Scream’ to be released this month

09/07/2017 1:29pm

Rumors of a newly released posthumous Michael Jackson album have been circulating wildly over the last couple of days. When a 15-second animated video appeared on the official Michael Jackson Twitter account, the world began preparing itself for something called Scream. 

'Science Fiction' by Brand New: the end of an era

08/30/2017 12:17pm

"Here's some advice: if you want to get your house party hoppin' with some angsty emo, don't put this record on. Its slow progressions and stripped back production don't lend themselves well to anyone who isn't fully invested in the music. Though the band has not gotten so caught up in their own maturity that 'Deja Entendu' diehards won't be able to appreciate this record, they have truly created one of the most intricately woven, conceptual emo records of all time. 'Science Fiction' deals with big themes like nuclear war and self-harm in incredibly nuanced ways, and for that reason, patience is highly suggested."

The winners and losers of the MTV Video Music Awards 2017

08/30/2017 10:51am

Another year, another VMA. From a show that usually gives us spectacular performances like Britney Spears performing with a giant, live python in 2001 or unexpected moments like Kanye West's infamous Taylor Swift acceptance speech hijacking in 2009, this year's awards show seemed fairly run-of-the-mill in comparison. But as always, some nominees and performers left The Forum with a heap of Moonman awards and others left disappointed and empty-handed.