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Frog Baby Film Festival 2018 recap review

04/19/2018 4:05pm

There were no duds at Frog Baby Film Festival 2018. From top to bottom, the lineup of short films was full of clever and enjoyable submissions in a wide range of genres and styles. The cowboy westerns, action and horror films, and dystopian comedies made it impossible to know what to expect next, and that’s not even to mention the categories for documentaries and music videos. The only thing these films had in common was that they all showcased the undeniable talent of Ball State’s own home-brewed filmmaking community.

Lucy Dacus @ The Hi-Fi, Indianapolis (4/7/18)

04/16/2018 8:07pm

Unlike many rock artists of her time, Lucy Dacus does not raise the roof  or inspire any dance parties. However, her live show is anything but  timid. At her first-ever Indianapolis concert, she supported the aptly  named album ‘Historian’ with songs that told well-documented stories in  creative new ways. The subtly epic qualities of her music were perfectly  suited to the homely atmosphere of the Hi-Fi and the eager  attentiveness of the crowd. 

‘A Productive Cough’ shows Titus Andronicus realizing ambition in new ways

03/21/2018 9:28am

On 'A Productive Cough,' Titus Andronicus takes a narrower, more personalized approach to their Springsteen-inspired punk sound. It’s not as raucous as usual and it won’t have the same broad appeal as 'The Monitor' or 'The Airing of Grievances,' but it’s more fun than either of those albums and keeps many of their essential qualities. For those just seeking a good rallying anthem or a wayward ballad, this album is sure to impress.

MGMT’s ‘Little Dark Age’ is their weirdest and most exhilarating album to date

02/23/2018 2:52pm

MGMT has recovered incredibly well from the muddled experimentation of their third album. ‘Little Dark Age’ sees the band returning to the hook-dominated landscape of ‘Oracular Spectacular’ and ‘Congratulations’, while also keeping the unique flourishes that defined their self-titled record. Though it is not entirely original in its psychedelic pop sound, its smart humor and tasteful melodies more than make up for any reckless borrowing. It takes all of the best parts of MGMT’s past releases and blends them together to bring forth an intense, whimsical new era for the band.