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MGMT’s ‘Little Dark Age’ is their weirdest and most exhilarating album to date

02/23/2018 2:52pm

MGMT has recovered incredibly well from the muddled experimentation of their third album. ‘Little Dark Age’ sees the band returning to the hook-dominated landscape of ‘Oracular Spectacular’ and ‘Congratulations’, while also keeping the unique flourishes that defined their self-titled record. Though it is not entirely original in its psychedelic pop sound, its smart humor and tasteful melodies more than make up for any reckless borrowing. It takes all of the best parts of MGMT’s past releases and blends them together to bring forth an intense, whimsical new era for the band.

‘My Next Guest Needs No Introduction’ Season 1, Episode 1: “It’s a Whole New Ball Game Now”

01/26/2018 10:28am

Though the first episode of ‘My Next Guest Needs No Introduction’ will please those who desperately miss the sound of Obama’s voice, the episode doesn’t have much substance apart from the people involved. Letterman and Obama have a likable dynamic that makes it fun to watch at surface level, but the interview lacks a level of importance that could have really made Obama’s reappearance into something noteworthy.

The Year in Review: Byte’s Top-Reviewed Movies of 2017

12/29/2017 5:58pm

Every year produces a relentless heaping of blockbuster films that sell fantastically, but how many of them are actually good is another question entirely. Though the major circuit may have been a little bit short on masterpieces this year, it was by no means empty. We got another great Pixar movie, a beautiful shoutout to The Room, and the best M. Night Shyamalan film in a long time. We also caught a whole host of independent films at Heartland Film Festival this year, some of which were made in our own backyard. So as it turns out, the year of The Disaster Artist wasn’t such a disaster after all.

The Year in Review: Byte’s Top-Reviewed Albums of 2017

12/29/2017 5:20pm

Music reviews were a new endeavor for Byte this year, but it was a great first year to cover. We saw some disappointments from previously loved artists like Arcade Fire and Blondie, to be sure, but we also saw some pleasant comebacks and changeups from the likes of Lorde, Aimee Mann and Paramore. Some of these albums made us smile and others made us cry, but they all left some sort of indelible mark on us, and that’s why they’re the best albums of 2017.