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“Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze” for Nintendo Switch is funky but not in a good way

05/16/2018 1:36pm

Tropical Freeze for the Nintendo Switch is a hard game to recommend. As  far as platformers go, it’s very challenging and often frustrating.  Tropical Freeze was released at a full $60, and that’s enough to not  recommend this game, considering it’s a port with only one new mode.  Tropical Freeze has its moments, but in the end those moments aren’t  enough to justify the countless lives you’ll lose while playing through  this game. If you’re a hardcore platformer or Donkey Kong fan, you’ll  love this game. Otherwise, you can pass on Tropical Freeze for the  Nintendo Switch. 

“Avengers Infinity War”: AKA ‘Thanos: The Movie’

05/09/2018 10:53pm

This is movie is for everyone who has followed the MCU. However, it’s  possible to enjoy the film without seeing every single Marvel film. The  important movies to see are Thor: Ragnarok, Doctor Strange, Captain  America: Civil War, and Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2. While this may  seem like a massive cliffhanger, the story is actually complete from  Thanos’ perspective. Despite all of its flaws, the movie ultimately  succeeds and does the unthinkable; killing Spider-Man. 

‘The Walking Dead’ Season 8, Episode 15: “Worth”

04/12/2018 3:55pm

 “Worth” was definitely worth watching, which is surprising to say.  Several plot points that had been left open for several episodes were  all wrapped up in a nice little bow this week. Despite that, it’s  evident that the writers were in a rush to clear up attention for the  season finale. Go ahead and watch this one. 

‘A Quiet Place’ silently disturbs viewers

04/12/2018 3:43pm

 If you like small, self-contained movies, then 'A Quiet Place' is the  perfect film for you. The movie shines with its use of sound, and how  unsettling it can be. If you can look past underdeveloped relationships  and lack of context, this movie will thrill you and keep you in  suspense. It’s a nice break from some other dialogue heavy movies out  there. 

Remixed S3E9 - Tyler's Weeknd with Cardi B

04/12/2018 2:34pm

This week on Remixed we are discussing The Weeknd's "My Dear  Melancholy", Cardi B's "Be Careful", and Tyler, The Creator's "OKRA".  All of this and more on this episode of Remixed.