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How one man killed Nicktoons… and his potential downfall

11/19/2017 3:09pm

Nickelodeon has now dug itself into a hole, relying too much on “cheap” and “safe” entertainment, allowing competitors like Cartoon Network and Disney XD to dominate in the cartoon industry. Without a major change in direction, Nickelodeon may never revive the success of the Splat-era Nicktoons. But what catalyst could incite such a drastic change? Well, as it turns out, Dan Schneider.

The Google Pixel 2: Google’s 2nd try for a 2nd place smartphone

10/15/2017 2:42am

While in some ways the Pixel 2 is an improvement upon the Pixel released the fall of last year, its release is more akin to that of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8, where most of the substance remains the same. Compared to other high-end phones released in 2017 like the iPhone X and the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note 8, the Pixel 2 doesn’t quite measure up. 

Android already does this: An analysis of Apple's latest releases

09/26/2017 2:40pm

I’ve never been one to take a bite out of Apple. My first smartphone was the Samsung Galaxy S4, and I just upgraded this summer to the Google Pixel. While I will admit that Apple products have their place in the technology market and showcase some good key features, I don’t believe they’ve ever really lived up to the hype surrounding their phones and computers. However, with the news of the latest iPhones being released, I decided to tune in, watch the release, and give my take on the iPhone release from the perspective of an Android fanboy.