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Heartland Film Festival: ‘Alaska is A Drag’ is anything but

10/15/2018 12:39am

'Alaska is A Drag' may be a unique film in it’s premise, but it’s  familiar in a feel-good kind of way; it’s a clever take on the sports  film genre. It’s also just a feel-good movie in general: it’s lovable,  sometimes dark sense of humor is very enjoyable and the leads are an  absolute joy to watch. And at the core of 'Alaska' is an inspiring story  for all those people who don’t fit in and have dreams bigger than their  small town. 

Brockhampton succeeds with flying colors on ‘iridescence’

09/29/2018 5:33pm

 Much like the first album of their first trilogy, "iridescence" sounds  like a solid blueprint that will polished with the following albums. The  blemishes are visible, but the bigger picture is so wonderful that  those blemishes are (mostly) excused because the possibility for  improvement is pretty much guaranteed. How could a group that shows as  much talent as Brockhampton not have the ability to improve? But as it  is, without thinking of the follow-ups, "iridescence" still captures the  magic of the original "Saturation" trilogy and stands as one of 2018’s  most inventive hip hop records in a year that has brought us a lot of  amazing hip hop. 

On ‘Room 25’ Noname elevates her sound for a stellar debut studio album

09/21/2018 12:11pm

 'Room 25' sees Noname and Co. successfully transitioning from mixtape to  album with flying colors. The root of what makes Noname such a  captivating figure in the rap scene right now is still intact; it’s just  been polished and elevated to the point where it’s worthy of being the  debut album from an artist as promising and intriguing as Noname. There  are still some aspects that could be improved upon, but 'Room 25' sounds  like a big step towards even greater things.