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The Walking Dead Season 8, Episode 10: “The Lost and the Plunderers”

03/16/2018 12:36am

“Dead or Alive Or” is the definition of a bad episode. Next to nothing happens to further the plot, God saves the gang far too many times to be believable in any sense of the word, none of the characters are likeable besides Dwight, and worst of all Eugene is still alive. Whether you call it fluff, padding, or filler, this episode has nothing up its sleeve and only serves to waste time.

The Walking Dead Season 8, Episode 5: “The Big Scary U”

11/29/2017 2:23pm

“The Big Scary U” shows a fantastic new side to Negan, turning a mediocre but entertaining character into a genuinely good character some may find themselves rooting for. Yet the same can’t be said for the rest of the Saviors who show a whole new level of incompetence, making a large portion of the episode almost unbearable to watch. Rick and Daryl’s differences finally come to a head with underwhelming results. Overall, the story as a whole serves to enhance the character of Negan, but not much else.

The Walking Dead Season 8, Episode 3: “Monsters”

11/14/2017 9:56am

"Monsters" embraces the goofy comic book feel the show has been headed towards for a while at the cost of drama and horror. By far one of the most entertaining watches of the season (or series for that matter), "Monsters" continues the Walking Dead’s tradition of taking two steps backward for every step forward it makes with fantastic consequences.

This ‘Jigsaw’ piece begins a new puzzle

11/12/2017 7:54pm

Jigsaw' provides a satisfying entry point for newcomers to the series.  While it doesn’t pack the same punch as the original regarding blood or  plot, there is still plenty of fun to be found throughout for old and  new fans alike.

South Park Season 21, Episode 6: “Sons a Witches”

11/06/2017 12:50pm

“Sons a Witches” takes a stab at male culture in an interestingly funny way. While not necessarily as funny as other episodes, it is still a great time despite including another Cartman/Heidi subplot that terribly detracts from the main plot.