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‘My Hero Academia’ Season 3, Episode 2: “Wild Wild Pussycats”

04/18/2018 4:49pm

Overall, the episode greatly improved in terms of pacing and development  from the first episode of the season. Not only were new heroes shown  off, but the series has created quite a build-up for the training at the  summer camp. This episode has created a perfect set-up for viewers to  anticipate action. 

How It's Played S1E2: Ready Player One

04/13/2018 1:30pm

On this week's episode of How It's Played we are discussing "Ready  Player One." The movie, VR, Nintendo, technology in general, and the  future of gaming will be talked about on this week's episode of How It's  Played.

Animation A-Team S4E5: a new Studio Ghibli?

03/22/2018 3:24pm

When Studio Ponoc released Mary and the Witch’s Flower, we all thought, could this be the rebirth of Studio Ghibli? Or is it just Ghibli lite? Join us this week on Animation A-Team as we take a look at what these Ghibli alums are up to, and what this film means for the future of animation.

Franz Ferdinand’s ‘Always Ascending’ ascends to new heights

02/24/2018 4:30pm

'Always Ascending' is a fresh take on Franz Ferdinand’s more pop roots. While there aren’t any standout hits, each song provides a unique emotional experience for each listener. This is due to the unique mesmerizing and powerful use of the beat. For old fans and new, the band has created a new image that is set to satisfy.

‘My Next Guest Needs No Introduction’ Season 1, Episode 2: “You Be the Newsman, I’ll Be Liz Taylor”

02/13/2018 9:06am

Overall, this is a clear improvement from episode one. Not only did David Letterman interview more people, the conversations were more unique and unexplored. Clooney’s personality bounces off of Letterman’s wittiness quite well and provides information through entertainment. Furthermore, there were also more current events to provide fresh air over the sheer amount of history.