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‘The Predator’ is a fun, entertaining ride

09/18/2018 8:04pm

 While 'The Predator' suffers from unexplored ideas it is still a  enjoyably fun and entertaining movie. Packed with 80s action movie  tropes, black comedy, and catchy dialogue, it’s one hell of a ride from  beginning to end. All in all, it provides a lot of entertainment value.  

’Kin’ suffers from an identity crisis

09/11/2018 5:13pm

 'Kin' is a movie that is aided by its strong performances, fantastic  score, and interesting visual aesthetic. However, its shortcomings of  tone and pacing issues, as well as wasted potential that comes with its  ending, drag it down. All in all, it’s a movie that’s best saved to  watch on Netflix on a lazy Saturday.  

‘The Equalizer 2’ is an excellent sequel with more intense action

08/07/2018 10:18pm

 All in all, 'The Equalizer 2' is an excellent sequel, which improves on  the strengths of the original. Although suffering from problems with its  plot and pacing, the film exceeds with Denzel Washington’s performance  and the acting of its supporting cast, character interactions in its  subplots, and intense and interesting action scenes. A fun, worthy  sequel that is a blast to watch.  

Hotel Artemis: An excellent crime thriller aided by a colorful ensemble cast

06/21/2018 5:52pm

While Hotel Artemis is a film that lacks in plot and action, it  definitely makes up for it in its style, atmosphere, and characters. The  ensemble cast give out great performances, and the different  interactions between the colorful characters is a treat to watch.  However, what brings it down is that it doesn’t take advantage of its  future setting, as well as the pacing issues when it comes to the second  act. All in all, it’s still definitely a treat for those looking for  something different than the usual blockbuster fare.