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Animation A-Team S4E3: The Oscars are wrong

02/22/2018 3:20pm

This week we are taking a look into the Oscars. Why doesn’t the academy recognize animation as a whole? Why is Boss Baby being nominated? Which animated films were snubbed? All this and more by your Animation A-Team.

How we enable dangerous directors

02/08/2018 6:56pm

Tarantino is just the newest name in a string of auteur directors whose eccentricities and outright crimes are often swept under the rug for the sake of the great films they produce. 

Flashback: Arthur was a gift we didn't deserve

02/03/2018 10:27pm

But there is so much more to Arthur than meme-ability. While that certainly adds to the show’s appeal, there’s much within the content of the show itself that we all should stop and appreciate for a moment.