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Do we need 280 character tweets?

11/08/2017 1:22pm

But part of me hesitates to reject this character limit update, because the culture of Twitter has changed from that of quick quips and memes to policy-making statements and the soapbox of the people. A lot of important things can’t and shouldn’t be said in 140 characters. 

The Coven S3E7: We’ve got an Ace up our sleeves

11/06/2017 12:32pm

This week on The Coven we throw asexuality into the cauldron and take a look at how aces are represented in television. We look at Bojack Horseman and how they tackle asexuality in one of their characters, as well as Riverdale and Big Bang Theory, and how the (lack of) representation in those two shows have impacted the community. 

Inktober: Artists doodle daily toward improvement

10/31/2017 10:57am

“What pushed me to actually try and do Inktober this was just wanting a change in my drawing habits.” said animation student Alexis Brooks, and this has been echoed by many other artists online. Along with the fact that sometimes it’s hard to keep up with. Drawing every day isn’t as easy as it might look.