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‘Luke Cage’ Season 2: An emotional, conflicted Luke Cage

07/14/2018 2:16pm

 Season two of Luke Cage gives more than expected. More action, more  humor, and greater references to the MCU related to the Marvel Netflix  shows. While it doesn’t have a central villain for almost the whole  season, it still focuses on developing Luke Cage’s character. It brings  up questions about what it means to be a hero and how to reconcile with  those we love. This show is personal and not for younger viewers. If you  want action and an emotional story, than watch this season of Luke  Cage. It isn’t recommended for viewers that prefer the quirky, joyful  side of Marvel. 

‘Detroit: Become Human’ is an ambitious sci-fi drama with flawed features

06/05/2018 5:18pm

'Detroit: Become Human' is an ambitious interactive sci-fi drama where  your choices have a drastic impact on events, making them more  satisfying than other games in the genre. Though I wish the story wasn’t  so heavy-handed with game's motifs, I still enjoyed the subtlety  conveyed through its tech and performances. Much of the gameplay could  have been improved by giving more options with the mechanics, like the  detective mode, and providing reminders of the choices I had already  made. But I would still recommend this game for people looking for a  story-driven game with branching paths. 

‘A Way Out’ is a unique co-op story-driven action adventure game featuring a charismatic duo

04/03/2018 6:35pm

'A Way Out' will keep your attention for the entirely of its story. Leo and Vincent are both fascinating characters with relatable motivations, even if the story has some cliche plot points and wooden dialogue. Most of the minigames are somewhat out of place for the game’s story with their weird mechanics, but provide some fun distractions for you and your co-op partner. I would recommend this game to anyone that is looking to have some enjoyment with friends, and if they are looking for some action and a suspenseful story. You will definitely not want to miss this prison-break friendship that creates a stomach-punching finale.

‘Tomb Raider’ might be the movie that breaks the video game movie curse

03/24/2018 6:18pm

'Tomb Raider' is a somewhat unfocused action-adventure film that still manages to provide some charisma. Director Roar Uthaug gets confused in a visual style that defines our realistic expectations for most of the film, but is able to make up for it with a compelling character in Lara Croft. While it won’t redefine the video game movie subgenre, it still is an entertaining film to watch.

Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’ is a unique cultural celebration fit for a king

02/23/2018 10:32am

Overall, Black Panther succeeds as an excellent entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It delivers on being an action adventure film, a political statement, and a celebration of African culture. While the film does start off a bit stagnant, the cast’s performances and emotional themes keep the film on the path in becoming an entertaining ride.