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The Year in Review: Byte’s Top-Reviewed Games of 2017

12/29/2017 6:32pm

Another year of Byte reviews allowed us to shine a light once again on a wealth of games worth playing. Sure, there were some duds, but the masterpieces far outweighed them. The year 2017 featured improvements on recent installments of the Destiny and Sonic franchises, plus a spectacular first-year showing for the Nintendo Switch including obligatory new beauties in the Mario and Zelda departments. And with Cuphead bringing some mainstream attention to a brand-new indie studio, the future of independent gaming has never looked brighter.

‘Marvel’s The Punisher’ is a powerful story about an anti-hero looking for justice

12/06/2017 7:58pm

'Marvel’s The Punisher' on Netflix is a smart addition to all of the other Marvel shows on the streaming service. The show is elevated by strong performances from both Bernthal and the supporting cast. While its approach to tackling political issues might get heavy-handed at times, it deserves a pat on the back for trying. Also, while some of the supporting characters don’t get as much development as they needed like some of the other characters, the show never completely goes off the road into absurdity. It succeeds with a stellar first season that manages to feel standalone from the other Marvel shows on Netflix.

‘Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus’: Fighting Nazis for American freedom

11/16/2017 3:43pm

Overall, Wolfenstein II:The New Colossus is a fantastic single-player first-person shooter with beautifully written characters and spot-on performances. The story greatly expands upon the world of Wolfenstein with B.J. and his friends fighting to save America from the oppressive Nazis, with a memorable villain like Frau Engel being a formidable adversary to B.J. Blazkowicz. Fans of the series and of first-person shooters who want an exciting story will enjoy this game with its approximately 14-hour campaign that gets them to mowing down plenty of Nazis in a colorful grotesque fashion.