In less than two minutes, one 17-year-old just might have won the show with her debut performance on The Voice.

Just a young girl traveling from Patterson, New Jersey, Wé McDonald has already won over not only the crowd’s hearts but Alicia Keys’ as well.

McDonald came on stage singing the powerful Nina Simone original, “Feeling Good”, and she was feeling pretty good after finishing to see all four judges giving her their undivided attention.

“You came to this show to meet me; I’m not playing,” Keys told McDonald after finishing her blind audition. At that moment, McDonald made her decision to join Team Alicia for the 2016 season.

What is so unique about McDonald’s voice is that when she speaks, it is so light and child-like. However, when she sings, it’s like hearing a completely different person. The depth and richness in her vocal talent definitely surprised the judges, as well as myself.

McDonald shares her past experiences being bullied and not accepting herself for who she is; now that is all subject to change.

The teams are all finally completed and Keys believes McDonald has a strong chance at making it to the final rounds. She is young but her talent is strong. She owned the stage and gave her audition everything she had.

I would make sure to look out for this shining star during the season because she will be bringing much competition to the stage. With the help of her coach and more practice, this girl will be one to never forget.

McDonald stands out to me the most because when you close your eyes and listen to this teenager sing, she blows your mind away, sending chills through your body, and that is what singing is about.