Victor’s Gyros and Pancake House resides in a bright orange building on Tillotson and has a big personality both outside and inside. Victor’s is open seven days a week serving breakfast, lunch and dinner and has all the food your heart could desire. With 80 menu items, food ranges from Greek sandwiches and pancakes to omelets, crepes, chops, steaks, seafood, barbecue, burgers, salads, desserts and more. 

Victor Carrillo, the owner of Victor’s Gyros and Pancake House recalls, “I wanted to open a place where I could serve the food that I like.” And in 2009, he pursued his dream when he opened up Victor’s Gyros and Pancake House with his brother.

After his Carillo’s brother lost faith in the business, Carrillo became the sole owner. But, with four other employees he continues to improve the restaurant. “It’s not about luck, it’s about putting in the effort to make your business successful,” Carrillo said.

Sydney King, a senior elementary education major, explained that she loves getting breakfast any time at Victor’s. 

“Victor’s reminds me of breakfast places back home,” King said. “There is a home-like vibe at Victor’s that I haven’t found in any other breakfast restaurant in Muncie.”

If you’re looking to find some deals for Victor’s, their Facebook page offers a ten percent discount for students and other daily deals for all. Lucky for you, if you mention this article when you come in, you can get 15% off your meal. 

Visit Victor’s today! 

700 S. Tillotson Avenue 

Muncie, IN 47304


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