The Wine-N-Vine is a well-trusted Brew & Grow store that has been serving Muncie since 2005. The owners Jeffrey and Bonnie have been passionate about wines and decided to open up a business where they could take their passions to work. Other groups are passionate about their work as well - as Wine-N-Vine has received nineteen international awards for their homemade wine. But don’t worry - they’re happy to teach you how to get the same quality with your wines. 

With all the success Wine-N-Vine experienced, they decided to expand their services to beer making. While it wasn’t a passion at first, it has since become a love of the owners ever since. Wine-N-Vine offers brewing supplies for you to purchase to try your hand at brewing at an affordable price. 

Wine-N-Vine also has hydroponics. This allows you to grow the freshest herbs, vegetables, and flowers! The store carries numerous tools to make sure you have the best experiencing including: highest quality LED lights, metal halide, high pressure, sodium, fox-farm growing soils, cyco nutrients, growing mediums, and air and water pumps. If you need something else, they’re happy to order it for you!

Last but not least, Wine-N-Vine will help you make Moonshine. Distilling is currently very popular, with many people doing their own batches of Moonshine and Whisky. Wine-N-Vine has all you need to make sure that your Moonshine is ready to go. 

Visit Wine-N-Vine to get your fix! 

1524 E.McGalliard Rd. Muncie, IN 47303

(765) 282-3300

Website: www.wine-n-vine.com

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