Atomic Games has a unique origin story that begins under another name.  Slade Smith initially started the shop to pursue his passion for Heroclix and comic books in a converted office space in downtown Muncie, so Atomic Comics was born.

Eventually the store attracted more game enthusiasts (specifically in organized play tournaments) and morphed into more game store than comic book shop.  Since space was extremely limited, when area devoted to comics gave way to a larger selection of games and accessories, the decision was made to expand. The new Atomic Games at 2418 W 7th St. in Muncie was unveiled in April 2017. 

Today, Atomic Games has the largest selection of games and accessories in the area and hosts tournaments for various games including:  Star Wars X-Wing (the #1 miniatures game in the world), Heroclix, Magic the Gathering, Dragon Ball Super Card Game, the new Legend of the Five Rings LCG, Warhammer 40k, and Star Wars Imperial Assault.  They also host a weekly RPG night and a monthly game demo “Game Night with Miranda”.  Atomic will soon debut its newest feature, the Game Café, an ever- growing game library that boasts more than 200 titles. (For only $6 per person, you can come in during regular hours when the game room is available and try out any of the myriad of games.)

Atomic Games also offers unique perks including a Customer Loyalty Program and a 10% discount to Ball State students and faculty with a valid Ball State ID.  Find us at www.atomicgamesindiana.com,  Facebook:  Atomic Comics Games and Music, or stop by and check us out at 2418 W. 7th St.

Tuesday Nights: 

6pm Star Wars Destiny League

Wednesday Nights:

6pm RPG Night (See Store for Details)

Thursday Nights: 

6pm Dragon Ball Super Card Game and Legend of the Five Rings LCG 

7pm Magic the Gathering 

Friday Nights:

7pm Friday Night Magic (See Store for Format Details)


Guild Ball, Star Wars X-Wing, Star Wars Imperial Assault, Game Night with Miranda, Tanks WWII Miniature Game, Star Wars LCG  (See Store for Schedule and Times)

First Saturday each month:

1-5pm Game Day at Kennedy Library (Details on Library’s Site)


1pm Heroclix (See Store for Specific Events) 

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