Easy access, great locations

As a member of the shared branch network BSFCU makes it easy to access your account nationwide. Need a little extra money from your parents to make your tuition payment for this semester? It’s easy to find a location convenient to them, so you’ll have your money in no time. 

For instance, Alex is a freshman at BSU whose family lives in Connecticut. During Orientation, his family opened him an account at BSFCU with the $5 shared deposit required to start his account. Alex wanted to deposit his graduation money during move in, but forgot it at home.  Thankfully, because BSFCU is a credit union in the Shared Branch network, Alex’s Mom was able to take his graduation checks to their local credit union and deposit the money into his account!

With 3 convenient ATMs on campus you are never far from your money, even after we’ve closed for the day. Even better, all of our ATMs on campus let you withdraw from your account in $5 increments. 

We treat you like family

We value our members at BSFCU. As a member, you become one of the owners and part of our family. We pride ourselves on being there for members who need us.  

Ray, a member of BSFCU, revealed that the family environment of BSFCU is extremely important to him. He explains, “Over the winter I was sick, couldn’t get out of the house. Two employees of BSFCU came over to my home to deliver some homemade soup. They brightened my day. Then, wouldn’t you know it, they hung around and shoveled my sidewalk and driveway.” We treat our members like family, because that is exactly what they are to us. 

Charlotte is a member of BSFCU and recently had some health issues that have kept her off work for a couple weeks and were beginning to affect her finances.

 “I have always been ahead or at least current with all of my bills. Now I’ve been in the hospital for a few days and things are coming due. I was stressing out.”

 That’s when BSFCU stepped in.

 “I had been talking to one of the staff members and they suggested that I rewrite my loan but I ended up being admitted to the hospital the night before my appointment and was just sure that I was out of luck. I couldn’t believe that two of their account people took time to come up to my room and bring the documents I needed to sign. Thanks to them nothing ended up being overdue.” 

Benefits even after graduation

Once you’re a member you continue to have access to our full array of services even after college. We encourage you to maximize your membership with all the services and options available, that includes credit cards, auto loans, certificates, and mortgage loans. The more services you use, the more rewards you can receive!  BSFCU is federally insured by NCUA, meaning your deposits are insured up to $250,000.’
Show your cardinal pride and open an account at Ball State Federal Credit Union today! We would love for you to be apart of our family today! 

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