Whether it’s the dead of summer or Christmas break, Minnetrista offers something for everyone all year long. Minnetrista, "a gathering place by the water," takes its name from the original F.C. Ball home that once stood on the site. This name applies now more than ever as Minnetrista keeps this name alive through programming, workshops, and exhibits.

We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite things about Minnetrista, and why you should check them out.


Who doesn’t love the idea of walking through a peaceful garden filled with a multitude of flowers and other plants? Minnetrista boasts 40 acres of themed gardens that are open to the public. If you have a green thumb, you might even consider bringing along your gardening gloves and volunteer for a couple hours!


Whether you’re 18, 80, or somewhere in-between, Minnetrista offers events all year round for people of all ages.

Currently, there is an Imagination Playground for the little kiddos and their families, which allows participants to bring creativity to life using foam building blocks.

For those who identify with a “more mature” crowd, Minnetrista also has events like “After Hours at Minnetrista.” This event is coming up on April 21st. While there, visitors can enjoy tasty peach brews, pub appetizers from Minnetrista Catering, and live entertainment. Having a low cost of only $8 makes the night even better!


Minnetrista also hosts a Farmers Market from mid-April through October. People can gather with friends and family to discover various fresh, local, and remarkable finds during the Farmers Market at Minnetrista. Don’t forget to visit The Orchard Shop when you visit the outdoor market every Saturday!


Minnetrista has a wide range of fun-filled educational experiences lined up for students. Educational experiences can vary from tours, which are standards-based and content-rich for your educational demands, to Theatre Outreach Programs, which provide theatrical performances addressing educational standards.


Minnetrista boasts fourteen breathtaking venues and premium catering service for your unique event needs. Beautiful historic garden venues and modern indoor spaces offer classic backdrops for both social and corporate occasions. For a memorable, quality event experience, look no further than Minnetrista!

In effort to make event planning that much easier on their clients, Minnetrista also offers their own catering service! Quality ingredients, from scratch and homemade items, customizable menu selections, and professional service all make Minnetrista Catering stand out as a top event caterer. You can create your own personalized menu, or choose from of a list of chef-inspired dishes.

After hearing all about what Minnetrista offers, why wait? Head over to Minnetrista and check out what they have to offer today! Exhibit hours run Monday- Saturday, 9 AM-5:30 PM, and Sunday, 11 AM- 5:30 PM. 

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