Tuition is a given, but your living costs can be reduced. That can reduce your student debt by thousands. Why do professors, grad students, and undergrads live in unfurnished apartments nationwide? They are not paying to have furniture and proximity. The cost of renting a bedroom at a 'student housing' complex in Muncie is $400 to $700+ per bedroom, and students are forced to share their kitchen with three to four others. Unfurnished two-bedroom apartments at Colonial Crest are rented out at $630 a month, or $315 a person. You could also get a one-bedroom apartment for $590 a month.

Where you rent also makes a difference. Some property management companies are good, while others are not. Some change their names and ownership for various reasons. Maybe their 'brand' was not that good; so changing the name and ownership gave the company another chance.

“With over 35 years of experience, I have found that the more people sharing the same place leads to more roommate issues,” said Mike Desloover, Colonial Crest manager. In any case, a written roommate agreement is always advisable. A Ball State lawyer can help you with this, free of charge. Having only one roommate may result in less problems.

For decades, living like a student was supposed to be lifestyle that focused on priorities. Some felt that an education and the ability to secure a better lifestyle for your future was the goal. Those possibilities are increased when you are not overwhelmed with large monthly bills to pay for a silly lifestyle choice when you were in school. Also, make sure to get a term of lease that matches what you want (i.e. 6, 9, 12 month lease). Make choices that fit you, don’t try fitting yourself into a box.

Use your logic and reason to make good choices in your life. Understand that the money you save now will result in paying back less college debt. It's your future. Call Colonial Crest at (765) 289-0565 to shop and compare, or visit us at www.colonialcrestmuncie.com to see our web site. Live in a serene and beautiful area just 2.2 miles from the edge of campus with spacious closets, large rooms and a peaceful setting. You can have a wonderful life now, while planning to have low debt later. Choose wisely; it's your future at stake. All you have to do is shop intelligently. You must however make the effort to call.

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