If you are interested in official Ball State housing options, an apartment community with amenities or a house near campus, The Roost is all you need!

Created and run by Unified Media Advertising and Creative Suite, The Roost is here to offer all Ball State students and faculty an easier way to search for housing options close to campus. The Roost includes both apartments and houses near Ball State, and allows you to refine your search to housing type, price, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and keywords.

Not only does The Roost offer multiple ways to refine the search for the perfect rental, it also allows its users to search for a roommate through Roommate Finder!

Roommate Finder allows its users to edit their profile and customize their living preferences with just a few easy clicks. Questions cover things varying from how much privacy is desired, to whether or not alcohol or smoking will be permitted on the premises. Students can see how compatible their matches are with their answers, and determine who and what would work best for them. 

Users can also refine their search for the perfect roomie by year in school, gender, age range, major area of study, and keywords. Only people with .bsu emails are able to use The Roommate Finder, so the site isn’t open to “just anyone,” which makes for a safer way to search for others to live with.

“It’s super easy to sign up. The entire process is simple, and the site is easy to navigate,” freshman Maggie Sutton said.

So now, it’s easier than ever to find that perfect roommate who will get you out of a bad date because there’s been an “emergency”, or that person who you can share that tub of raw cookie dough with… yeah, just kidding, we don’t share our cookie dough. BUT, this will finally give you a reason to have extra cookie dough in the fridge, right?

Every fall and spring, The Roost hosts a housing fair in the Atrium, which is sponsored by the Haven. The next housing fair is March 1st, 2017, from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. Companies that will have booths at the housing fair include: The Haven, Housing and Residence Life, Colonial Crest, Silvertree Apartments, Vie, Beacon Hill, and Mattress Center of Muncie. Even if you aren’t looking to sign a lease for this coming school year, it’s always a good idea to do some research in advance to see what options are out in the community.

As a bonus, users of The Roost can also access any classified advertising. Classified ads vary, featuring help wanted, sub-leasers, apartments for rent and houses for rent. Also, students can submit classified ads for free. Not a bad deal, really.

All in all, The Roost makes it so much easier to navigate living off campus, to discover optimal living, and to find the greatest roommates a student could want.

Housing Tips for first (and second and third) time renters.  

  • Deposits must be returned within 45 days after a tenant moves 
  • Tenants can sure landlords up to $6,000 
  • At least 30 days of notice (unless rental agreements states otherwise) must be given to tenants to raise the rent A tenant has 10 days to pay rent or move before a landlord can file for eviction
  • You have the right to break your lease under certain circumstances.
    • Beginning active military duty 
    • Being a victim of domestic violence
    • Living in a unit that is unsafe and violates health or safety codes

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