Todd Donati, the executive director of the Muncie Redevelopment Commission, said a resident called the fire department on Sept. 19 when they noticed a burning smell and saw smoke on the fourth floor of the Village Promenade parking garage.

The fire department was able to determine that there was no fire, although the fourth floor had a tire mark and smelled of burnt rubber.

Donati said police were able to identify the suspect and an arrest was made.

University Police Department does not currently have a report available at this time.


Muncie Fire Department and University Police responded to an incident at the Village Promenade parking garage Monday night.

Several UPD vehicles and six fire department vehicles were present at the scene for more than an hour. Responding firefighters initially said there was someone doing burnouts in the garage.

There was a burnt rubber smell and a visible tire mark on the fourth floor.

The fire department battalion chief said he could not comment on the incident and referred questions to the UPD. A UPD officer said that he couldn’t disclose any information at the time.

Village Promenade resident Brittany Jameson, who was walking back from her car at around 10:15 p.m., said when she had left earlier, there was a strong smell in the garage.

“When I was leaving probably an hour ago it smelled like fumes,” Jameson said. “I thought something was on fire.”

Jameson, a first year graduate student in the landscape architecture program, said she’s always cautious when walking in the garage.

“You have to be careful when you walk through the parking at the Village Promenade because the undergrads, at least I’m assuming they’re undergrads, drive very crazy at speeds that aren’t safe for a parking garage,” Jameson said. “Especially on like Fridays or Saturdays when people are being drunk or being stupid.”

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